Duka Film Festival

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By Duka Film Festival <dukacastlefestival@gmail.com>
  • Thursday 19 September 2019 at 17:00 - Sunday 22 September 2019 at 23:00
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  • Am Schloßpark 1, 16306 Passow

In the Uckermark between beeches and linden trees, the DUKA Filmfestival takes place for the first time at the magnificent Schönow Castle. It shows a selection of films from various Berlin festivals and international filmmakers. The program will include indoor and outdoor screenings, 35mm projection and a multifaceted variety of activities around the cinematic idea of art. We’ll offer workshops, lectures, live music, physical theatre, interactive installations, parties and there’ll even be a chance to relax in and around the 19th century castle. Just take a walk to the lake through the forest or have a sauna and relax in the whirlpool before you enjoy dinner at our long banquet table to get to know everyone else. In our workshops we’ll cover various sections of the filmmaking process. Through approaches like bodywork and methods of improvisation and brainstorming we seek to refine our perception in a general sense and explore different sources of creativity and expression.

Program: https://www.dukafilm.com/program

Also, come and share your film! We’ll leave some slots free, so If you want to show your work - please send your information to dukacastlefestival@gmail.com with a short introduction (ca: 2 sentences about the filmmaker, film, a quote that inspired you to make the film,..) and please

  • Send your film in: Resolution: 720p or 1080p Codec: H.264 Container: .mov Sound: Stereo

TICKETS The ticket includes full vegetarian meals and non alcoholic drinks. Our goal in order to allow everybody to be part of it, is to keep the prices as low as possible. We want all of us to create this event and be part of something together. ACCOMODATION: Camping included onsite + Upgrades: cheap bed options in shared rooms, hotels & private accomodation options (list & prices will be sent via mail)

IN COOPERATION WITH Kannibal Fest // Proxy Act // Ake Dikhea? Festival of Romani Film // Mobile Kino Berlin // Nomadenkino


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