Meet the short film form - Methods for film analysis in groups (Online-Seminar)

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  • Saturday 23 January 2021 at 10:00 - Sunday 24 January 2021 at 18:00
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  • Lahnstra├če 25; 12055 Berlin

Meet and Greet us Short Films: we are diverse, electric and free as air!

Our 100-year dream of captivating the world are becoming true thanks to gizmos on humans' bodies that download content quicker than people can say ''artificial intelligence''. Come spend a weekend in our company, we promise a convivial experience. The guests of honour at this event are classical, arthouse, and experimental, whether documentary, live action, or animation, and directed by people of diverse genders from all over the world. Most of us are hybrid though, because in truth, we are elastic! To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we unfortunately have to restrict attendance: the news, music video, industrial & image film, as well as the advertising crowd will sadly be left out. We hope you understand.

The process: in preparation for the workshop, you will be sent a list of short films to watch for few evenings as well as some background information to read or watch. On the day, we'll hook your big brains with our small brains. Through repeated exposure and some live reflective activity in small groups, you will proceed to dissect us and reconstruct us through live plot, structural and formal analyses. This workshop is useful and open to all departments. If for the rest of the year you are inspired to watch and analyse more of us in your classes, we'll know we have succeeded! Caution: this workshop can cause participants to dream in short film form.

In her years of travel through the world and higher education, Nathalie has collected many short films in the wild. Her bag is getting a bit heavy and she'd like to share her love of them with you!


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