Ableton and experimental sound design : INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

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  • Saturday 11 May 2024 at 11:00 - Sunday 12 May 2024 at 16:00
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  • filmArche e.V.. Lahnstraße 25 12055 Berlin

Boris Donskoff is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and improviser. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance (classical guitar) and a Master's degree in Music Pedagogy at the Musik Akademie Basel, they combine solo performances, concerts, teaching activity and composition as their main area of focus. They had the opportunity to work on different music fields, such as chamber music and orchestra, free improvisation, sound engineering, electronic music and film music . They collaborated with various artists, such as graphic designers, writers or filmmakers, for whom they produce soundtracks, and mostly get their inspiration in inter-disciplinary art. They are recording, composing and producing music mainly on Ableton, with a self-taught approach.

The aim of this workshop is to deepen your knowledge of sound processing and the creation of a soundtrack from a video medium using Ableton software. We'll be working on the basics, but also on more advanced notions, such as the use of external tools and various functions like automation, midi signal, oscillators and advanced effects. We'll also look at compositional concepts, or how to approach sound creation in a more global way. The requirements for this workshop are: -a personal computer -to have a valid licence for Ableton software, or a valid trial licence -a pair of headphones or earphones -Possibly an external accessory such as a midi keyboard, controller or other.

-The first part will deepen your general knowledge of the software, by repeating and practising the basic notions acquired in the previous seminar, while enriching them. -The second part will deal with more advanced notions, such as practising multi-track automation, creating wavetables and harmonic loops with a midi signal, and finally using, creating and fine-tuning various effects. -The third part will consist of practical exercises, summarising the concepts covered during the seminar.


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